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ISSN 1013-5316
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Knowledge has no limits and no boundaries for research maniac.
 Though, research in science has assumed immeasurable dimensions with its classification into different fields of study, yet, there are matters of mutual interest to give comprehensive treatment to the subject under investigation. In surmounting the problems in respective areas, one invariably is forced to encroach other disciplines. There are number of instances of joint ventures, involving scientists from divergent fields of study, to develop consensus to conclude. In the strict sense, research at top levels has resisted to be colonized. For example,
Study in genetics, has impact on a number of physical and biological sciences.
Research in crystallography has been a subject of mutual interest of physicists, chemists and chemical engineers etc. alike.
Computer simulation is matter of universal interest.
Environmental studies has motivated almost all the sectors of science to share responsibilities in the wake of growing pollution.
The kind of forum, thus, contemplated by the science international is aimed at providing common room for scientists from various fields of pure and applied sciences for direct communication to share their knowledge. The cross breeding of ideas certainly helps in the exploration of new avenues in the world of science.
In the arena of scientific research the delinquency and malpractices have been a matter of growing concern for the past few years. The checks and balances need to be applied to prevent these illegal and immoral tendencies. Transferring knowledge to descending generations of scientists, it is ethical and moral obligation of our executive board to pursue a policy so that the scientific literature trickles down in its purest and disciplined form free of contamination.
Science International, in this respect, remains committed in letter and spirit  to prevent these evil practices such as.palagiarsm, imitation etc.
Thus, the following regulations to be strictly observed by authors:
i.                    Submission of article be accompanieo by an undertaking that the paper has not been submitted elsewhere in full or short form.
ii.                  It is important for the writers to be careful about plagiarism, respect intellectual property and give credit for other's work.
iii.                It is important for the writers not to abuse patented material, trade secrets/marks, private interests or any form of copyrighted nformation.
iv.               It is important for the writers to be just and truthful.
v.                 The paper should reach its destination composed, strictly in conformity with the style sheet (template) provided on our site in SUBMISSION GUIDE LINE.
vi.               Violation of ethics will be considered as an immoral act consequently leading to black listing of the author.
vii.             In case the Editorial board recommends the disciplinary measure, the editor-in-chief of this journal will decide the level of the disciplinary measure and then take the disciplinary measure such as black listing of the author.
In addition,
i.                    Preliminary recommendations by experts in the field of study be accompanied indicating that the paper is a genuine contribution in subject cited.
ii.                  The paper will then be subjected to peer review process and plagiarism devices.
iii.                The editorial committee has been empowered to reject paper at any stage.
iv.                Medium of the journal is English. Paper written only in English language is acceptable with emphasis on grammar.
v.                 Acceptance letter will be issued after all the academic and financial matters are settled.
Inviting quality research papers for the year
Special issues available to facilitate papers presented in conference, symposia, seminars  
is a multidisciplinary journal with open access, peer reviewed and refereed. Publishing quality research papers in the field of applied and basic sciences since, July, 1988. The journal has published about 2500 research publication till now. The main objective of
is to providing a platform to national and international scholars to contribute in the field of basic and applied sciences. It has served as a launching pad to emerging scientists from all over the world. .  It is one of the leading journals to facilitate scholars to introduce their work to the world at large in the shortest possible time..
publishes original papers, review papers, conceptual framework, analytical and simulation models, case studies, empirical research, technical notes, and book reviews.





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