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Knowledge has no limits and no boundaries for research maniac.
Research terminates at infinity
Though, research in science has assumed immeasurable dimensions with its classification into different fields of study, yet, there are matters of mutual interest to give comprehensive treatment to the subject under investigation. In surmounting the problems in respective areas, one invariably is forced to encroach other disciplines. There are number of instances of joint ventures, involving scientists from divergent fields of study, to develop consensus to conclude. In the strict sense, research at top levels has resisted to be colonized. For example,
Study in genetics, has impact on a number of physical and biological sciences.
Research in crystallography has been a subject of mutual interest of physicists, chemists and chemical engineers etc. alike.
Computer simulation is matter of universal interest.
Environmental studies has motivated almost all the sectors of science to share responsibilities in the wake of growing pollution.
The kind of forum, thus, contemplated by the science international is aimed at providing common room for scientists from various fields of pure and applied sciences for direct communication to share their knowledge. The cross breeding of ideas certainly helps in the exploration of new avenues in the world of science.
Honour to our Worthy Executive Editor.

First Female Pakistani Geomorphologist and Postdoctoral DESIMGOW Moderator Dr. Khalida M. Khan Adored as Postdoctoral DRR Researcher of the Year at NPA—PU Esteemed Globally—Asian Lady to Attain High Contour Profile.

United Nations KAKHTAH Multiversity DRR Repositories and Gold Medal Scholarships posthumously named after UN Kofi Annan and Pakistan’s Aurangzeb Hafi, for their meritorious renderings that marked the highest on-grounding impact factor on the DRR conceptual and strategic frameworks, in the aftermaths of the most devastating natural catastrophe of the recent centuries’ recorded history, i.e. the Asian Tsunami of 2004. The first KAKHATH DRR Digital Repository established at University of the Punjab, Pakistan.


ISDR Rsearcher Dr. Khalida M. Khan Extends Appeal to Pay Special Memorial Services to Honor the Academic Martyr Dr. Syed Hamid Hussain of Charsadda University


"Prof. Dr. Syed Hamid Hussain"

The SAARC region’s ISDR researcher Prof. Dr. Khalida M. Khan, has solemnly extended an appeal to the universities of Pakistan in particular, and of the region in general, to pay special memorial services in honour of the Academic Martyr Dr. Syed Hamid Hussain who has ‘uplifted’ the image of University Professors by marking the modus-moments of saving others at the cost of own life.  Meanwhile, the SAARC-ASEAN Postdoc  Academia has declared a three days mourning to observe the tragedy.

Academics of SARRC Postdoc academia have hailed Prof. Dr. Syed Hamid Hussain as the ‘Role Model Martyr of Academia’, who sacrificed to save the lives of his students in today’s terror attack on Charsada University.

The devoted teacher ordered the students to flee from the class room where one of the terrorist was about to enter. yesterday by 9 am, four terrorists entered from the back side of Bacha Khan University, Charsada, near Peshawar, the capital of KPK Pakistan. As a spontaneous decision the noble teacher tried to engage the attacker in a cross fire for the sake of letting the students to flee from the premises. As a result, the attackers shoot him and he sacrificed his life.

“On behalf of SAARC-ASEAN Postdoc  Academia, we, the academicians of SAARC Post Doc Academia, today, unanimously pay esteemed tributes to the uprightness of Prof. Hamid Hussain who set an example for the rest of academics by saving the students’ lives at the cost of his own.” These sentiments are expressed by the Faiser N. M., Professor Emeritus, Dr. Zaki, Dr. E. M. Nawaratne, Dr. M. S. Salawal Salah, Prof. Dr. Meher Master Moos, Dr. Azam Sheikh, Dr. Bareera N. B., Dr. Khalida M. Khan, Dr. Umar Farooq, Dr. F. M. Bhatti, Dr. Umair Mahmood Siddique and Lt. Col (R) Azhar  Saleem.  

Parallely, the academicians have made strong condemnation on this heinously brutal act of terror on an institution of learning.

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